Boost your sales with special offers

Why couponing?

Boost your acquisition and retention rates

Attract new customers and provide incentives for your existing clients to visit more often. Use your couponing campaigns for a standalone business or, on the contrary, for a network of businesses. With the option to categorize coupons you can deliver deals for several businesses, along with information about the specific shops where each coupon applies.

Discount coupons

Directly inside the app

Delivering discount coupons to your clients has never been easier. Users can access all available coupons, save them for a later use or redeem them at once.

On the User's side

Direct access to the coupons of their choice

From the Private Profile your users can access bookmarked coupons as well as a history of redeemed coupons.

Customizing your discount coupons

From settings to design

Customize the appearance, settings and content of your coupons: offers, validation process, validity dates, number of available coupons, number of times a coupon can be redeemed by clients, information about the shop, background image, fonts and a lot more!

Statistics & List

Track the performance of your campaigns

Access all your coupons, organize them by category and track their performance: number of redeemed coupons, status of the coupon, usage broken down by time frames, list of users having redeemed the coupon... You have all the options at hand to make the most of your discount coupons.