Best of

Content apps


With GoodBarber, create apps to deliver any type of content: editorial content, community or loyalty features. Bring your ideas to life with an app exceptionally designed.

eCommerce apps


With GoodBarber, create your online store and sell your products on every channel (Apple Store, Google Play and Web). Enhance your products with a beautiful app and increase your profits.


Native app


GoodBarber delivers native apps in Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, to ensure the best user experience on each platform.

Progressive Web App


GoodBarber delivers Progressive Web Apps in Angular 8.0. This next generation of web apps allows for a one of a kind reactivity and the most advanced user experience, on mobile and beyond, tablets and desktop alike.

Unique back office

Take advantage of the most advanced management system on the market. The GoodBarber back office is intuitive and lets you build, without any coding skills, a project equipped with the latest cutting edge technology out there. A creation tool, as well as a one-stop-shop for managing and monitoring your work, it’s an unbeatable asset to make your project a success.

Add-Ons Store


More than 20 advanced features can be added to your back office from the Add-Ons Store. Select features based on your area of expertise or needs and organize your workspace accordingly, you’re in charge!

GoodBarber & you

Intellectual property

GoodBarber is a technology which lets you create, organize and deliver your content to your audience: images, logo, videos, audio files, texts, you name it. You are and will always remain the sole owner of the said content.

No ads, aside from yours

GoodBarber doesn’t and will not circulate ads on its behalf within your app. When advertising is featured, it’s the campaigns which you’ve set up beforehand, thus generating revenue of your own.

No branding, yours aside

You are the one and only owner of your project; GoodBarber is just the tool which allows you to bring it to life. No GoodBarber references are present within your app.

Data recovery

Content produced through GoodBarber belongs to you. If you wish to switch technologies and carry on your project elsewhere, you may export your data.

Clear up-front pricing, no surprises

GoodBarber offers non-binding monthly subscriptions. All pricing is up-front. There are no hidden costs upon using our product. Take advantage of our 30-day free trial period, no credit card required, which gives full access to our product’s set of features. It’s possible to save on your subscription with an annual plan.

No commission on your sales


GoodBarber does not charge any commission on your sales. All the profits generated by your shop go to you, regardless of the amount of these profits.

Reliable architecture

High availability and capacity


Your web app is hosted on a technically robust infrastructure, equipped to serve more than a hundred million pages a month. Server redundancy prevents interruptions to the service.

Our very own infrastructure, designed to your needs

We have several system administrators on the team whose mission is to design and manage our equipment and cloud hosting infrastructure. The infrastructure is designed to anticipate our clients’ needs, in terms of storage as well as processing power.

15 years of experience

The GoodBarber technical infrastructure is the achievement of a cohesive team’s work, with over 15 years of expertise in the area of creating as well as hosting services in SaaS.

No necessary additional plugin

GoodBarber includes the full range of mechanisms ensuring the performance and stability of your native app as well as your web app. It is not necessary to rely on additional cache plugins.

Triple data backup

All your data is backed up daily, in 3 different geographical locations, to guarantee maximum continuity.

Domain & SSL

Installing your own custom domain name

You can customize the address from which users access your web app by setting up a custom domain name. All domain extensions are managed.

Full DNS management

It is possible to completely hand over the management of your domain name DNS servers to GoodBarber. It’s the easiest way to set up a domain name for your web app.

CNAME installation

If you wish to manage your domain name DNS servers yourself, you can easily register a CNAME record with your registrar which will allow your web app to be accessed from your domain name.

Integrated SSL certificate

Your web app is available in HTTPS at any time. Before setting up a domain name, you can access it from a free GoodBarber URL which integrates an SSL certificate. As soon as you set up a custom domain name, GoodBarber will manage the SSL certificate registration process for you, for your domain name.

Custom SSL certificate installation

If you wish you can also install a custom SSL certificate (including, for instance, an extended validation process) for your web app.

Languages and texts

Over 30 languages

GoodBarber apps are available in over 30 languages, including English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Finish or even Japanese.

Customizable generic text

From a dedicated interface, it is possible to edit all the generic text of your application. Use the search engine to identify the text you wish to customize. An explanatory text gives you the context in which it is used.

Generic text management

In the event of a large amount of modifications, the text variable export/import tool, in .csv format, allows for easy management of modifications.

Advanced search

The application text management interface is equipped with a search engine to facilitate the identification of texts to be modified.

Filters by page

Text variables are organized according to the sections of the app where they are displayed in order to make them more easily identifiable, and to give context as to their usage.

Native app

Embedded cache system

An algorithm is dedicated to optimizing the caching of the different elements of your app to ensure optimal and fast performance, regardless of network connectivity.

High performance

We’ve taken into account performance requirements from the first line of code ever written for our native apps. Everything is designed for fast display and stability, on top of which, performance tests are regularly conducted by our team of developers to maintain the same level of excellence.

Offline use

Your content is synchronized from your back office and stored directly inside the app. GoodBarber’s native apps are thus completely available offline.

Advanced multi-testing

We have a fleet of over 30 devices with iOS and Android operating systems, among the most commonly used on the market, to perform rigorous testing and ensure the functioning of GoodBarber apps, no matter the device used.

Progressive Web App

Activate or Deactivate

You can choose to activate or disable access to your web app, at any time. When you deactivate your web app you can automatically redirect your users to download your native app instead.

Customizable 404

The error page displayed when content is missing or a link is incorrect can be customized to your liking. You can direct your users towards the most relevant destination.

Cookies warning

Your web app uses cookies in order to deliver the best possible user experience. By default, GoodBarber integrates a feature to inform them that the web app uses cookies. This alert can be 100% customized.

Publication assistant

Before publishing your web app you will be guided through a few essential steps: setting up a domain name, activating an SSL certificate, defining your SEO meta-data. We’ve got you covered so that you don’t miss a thing.

Angular 6.0

Your web app has been developed using the Angular 6.0 framework, the latest generation. It’s a guarantee that your users will benefit from the most advanced technology out there.

Fully adaptative

The design of your web app is fully adaptative, meaning that it is automatically configured to every screen size, from the smallest to the largest, without extra customization needs.

High performance

We’ve taken into account performance requirements from the first line of code ever written for your web app. Everything is designed for fast display and stability, on top of which, performance tests are regularly conducted by our team of developers to maintain the same level of excellence.

SEO friendly HTML code

The HTML code of your web app has been designed to ensure optimal indexation by search engines. The page structure is already optimized and HTML tags are organized to facilitate screening by the engines, to highlight your content.

Quick display

Your web app supports mechanisms designed to give your users a fast feel. Beyond performance optimization, it is designed to be displayed in consecutive layers, to match the look and feel of a native app.


All style sheets have been pre-processed with SASS to optimize loading time and compatibility with the different browsers on the market.

Server Side Rendering

Your web app is served over servers which pre-generate the display for the client, thus minimizing network communications and increasing the level of compatibility with old browsers.


Your web app manifest allows installation on the users’ home screens if they visit your web app on mobile, as well as the customization of the behavior, along with an icon, launching screen, etc. A way to encourage engagement and loyalize users.

Optimized bundle

Before it is published, your web app is built, which contributes to compressing and optimizing the bundle of files which will be served to your users. For your users, only the essential part of the code will be loaded and read, to ensure fast loading and functioning.

Loading on demand

Data is loaded only when the users request to display it, which ensures faster display and minimum data consumption for the users.

Material Design

Your web app complies with the graphical and ergonomic guidelines of Material Design, the latest standard for a growing majority of the web. Your users won’t be disoriented.

Back office

Add-Ons catalogue

The Add-Ons catalogue includes more than 20 advanced features, organized by types of activity. The activation of these extra features is most often free and will enable new features in your back office.

Add-Ons management

The management of Add-ons takes place within a dedicated interface, which lets you see all the Add-Ons you have activated at a glance, along with the option to deactivate or delete them.

Available in 11 languages

The GoodBarber back office is available in 11 languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Japanese, Arabic and German. All of the translations have been produced by team members, in their native language.

Subscription management

You can easily change subscription billing, from monthly to annual, or even upgrade to a different offering.

Files management

You are granted storage space to host your files, with the possibility to organize them in folders. These elements are then available from a dedicated URL.

White label option

If you register for the White Label option you can remove all GoodBarber branding from the pages which you may want to make available to a third party (the option is included with Reseller subscriptions).

Customizable URL

You can link your domain name to your back office if you do not wish to access it from a URL.

Introductory screen

The first time you enter your back office, you'll be welcomed with explanations on all the main functionalities of the backend to help you get started. 


The GoodBarber back office is equipped with a creation assistant that will guide you through the key steps in creating your app. 

Universal Links

You can activate Universal Links (iOS) and App links (Android) for your Classic app. When a user, who has already installed your app, clicks on one of these links, it will automatically open the native app, on a specific content page. If the user hasn’t downloaded your app yet, it will open the PWA.

Team management

Unlimited contributors

Give access to the back office of your app to an unlimited number of contributors.

Multi-level access


Owner, administrator or user—pick the membership status of each member on your team and precisely select which menus and content they each have access to.

Connection history

Check the history of logins to the back office of your project for each contributor.

User preferences

Each contributor can edit the language of his back office, the date format, time zone, as well as edit their personal information and password anytime.


Instant preview

The instant preview module available in your back office gives you visual feedback for each of the modifications performed on your project.

Multi-screen preview

The preview module lets you monitor the rendering of your modifications on all screen types: smartphones, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Contextual toolbar

The toolbar to configure your project dynamically adapts based on the operation you are performing. It will always suggest the right tool at the right time.

Advanced sections search

Filter your sections by type or search for them by name from the search engine in the contextual toolbar.

Graphical interface

At each step in the setup process of your project, icons, titles and visual effects easily guide you to understand the results of your actions.

App duplication


GoodBarber offers an option which allows for the duplication of a project, including its sections, content, as well as all its data and design settings.


Modular home

The Home section is the first section of your app, it is made up of widgets and completely flexible. With the great variety of widgets available, the Home lets you build your project in a way that makes your app truly unique.

Activate or deactivate

You can choose to activate or deactivate the Home section in your app. If you deactivate it, the navigation will depend solely on the navigation mode you choose. 

77 widgets

With widgets you have unique flexibility to organize your app’s home.

Content widgets


Make the home of your app more dynamic with widgets which automatically refresh each time new content is published inside your project.

Navigation widgets


Offer direct access to the most important sections of your app with widgets dedicated to navigation. The perfect way to guide your user towards the key function of your project.

eCommerce widgets


Create direct entries to your products and collections, from the Home page of your app using the Product list widget and the collection list widgets

Promo widget


Display a promotional message as soon as users arrive on the Home of your shop. You can highlight a product, a collection, a list of collections. The promotional widget is very flexible and will help you increase your sales.

Semi-dynamic widgets

These widgets let you build a home which automatically updates whenever new content is published, all the while offering a clear architecture to the user when it comes to navigating the app.

Other widgets

This category regroups useful widgets such as the search, newsletter, advertisement, or even HTML widgets. 

Drag & drop construction

Arranging the different widgets featured on your home is easy. Just drag and drop your widgets where you want them to be.

Sorting options

Access a wide range of options for managing the display order of the elements within your content widgets: by date, popularity, alphabetical order, randomly,…

Number of items

The number of elements displayed by a widget can be set up for each widget, in order to allow maximum flexibility to organize your home.

Customizing the navigation

Header, Body & Footer

Each navigation menu is made up of 3 distinct parts: the Header, Body and Footer, each fully customizable. Displaying the Header and Footer is not mandatory.

Logo display

Display your logo inside the header of your navigation mode, by uploading your logo or adding text directly.

Link to the user profile

Add a direct link to the user's profile inside your navigation mode. Edit the text, icon and link color.

Adding shortcuts

Add shortcuts within your navigation mode and let users easily access any section within your app, an external link or even perform an action such as logging out, sending a text or an email.

Customizable separators

Add separators inside your navigation menu and customize their color and pixel height.

Customizable link area

Build your navigation menu by adding links to sections within your app.


Add a copyright area within the navigation menu of your project. Select the color and text, as well as the font and font size.

Advanced design options

GoodBarber allows advanced customization of the navigation menu design. Font, colors, alignment, icon, cell height, adding a title…

Menu default display

For the Swipe, Little Swipe, Grid and Slate menus select the default status of the menu: always hidden or always displayed when the app launches.

General Design

Tailored to each device

GoodBarber has got design fully covered from mobile to desktop. Our elements of design perfectly adapt to each screen size for consistent quality on each device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Global Style Tool

Manage your app's overall style from one, single menu: the color theme, typography, action buttons, hover effects, and other elements. Create your design and apply it to the entirety of your app, in one click. 

Images background management

GoodBarber lets you integrate images within your design and display them in the background.

Customizable margins

Customize the margins of your project—horizontal for all screens, vertical only for mobile screens display.

Hover effects on texts

Add a Hover effect on your texts: underlining, brightening or darkening of the font color.

Hover effects on images

Add a Hover effect on your images: zoom in, zoom out or opacity.

Changing your theme

You can change your theme in one click while maintaining your navigation mode and the overall architecture and content of your project.

A solution for each purpose

The diversity of templates, as well as the variety and capacity of the customization options available, let you create an app tailored to your purpose.

Style editor

Manage your styles at the global level in order to ensure a coherent design throughout the different views of the app.

Modifications log

The GoodBarber back office includes a log of modifications which lets you access a history of all the modifications performed on your project.

Updating the design without rebuilding

Updates related to the design of your project do not require you to rebuild your app. Once approved they are automatically taken into account and visible for your users, without extra action.

Images library

Store images in your personal library in order to easily access them for later use.

Selective image resizing

Images are resized to several ratios, compressed and cached to reach the best weight, performance and display quality combination. Loading times are optimized without jeopardizing display quality.

Monochrome effect

Thanks to the image editor integrated within the GoodBarber back office you can add a monochrome effect on your images.

Blur effect

Add a blur effect to your images in one click, directly from the GoodBarber back office, thanks to the integrated image editor.

Zoom effect

Apply zoom effects upon rollover on the images, on the desktop version of your project.

Icon and splash screen generation assistant

The GoodBarber back office offers a tool to assist you in creating your app icon and launching screen from scratch.

Gradient management

Integrate color gradients in your app's design by choosing one from the full library (which uses the service). Once you've chosen one, the gradient is automatically generated and applied to your app's design.

Design resources

Icons gallery

A collection of more than 1000 icons created specifically by our team of designers and organized into 3 different sets is available in your back office.

Customizable icons

Create your own icon collection by uploading your own icons or images, directly from the back office of your project, in .png format, 260px x 260px.

Professional themes

The GoodBarber back office features 25 professional themes produced by our team of expert designers. Inspired by our mobile-first philosophy, they are designed to perfectly adapt to each device, keeping with the current trends, plus fully customizable.

Google Fonts library

GoodBarber features a set of more than 400 Google Fonts which can be used directly in the back office, without the need to embed extra code.

Unsplash library

GoodBarber clients can access the Unsplash photo library, directly from the back office, with over 500,000 high resolution images.

Images advanced search

The Unsplash library in the GoodBarber back office is equipped with an advanced search engine to sort images by theme, keyword or color.


30 different types of sections

GoodBarber offers 30 different types of sections which you can use to build your project.

Advanced settings for the information to be displayed

For each section, choose the information to display, such as the date or the author for an Article section.

Toolbar customization


For each section choose the actions available in the toolbar: comments, sharing, text size, bookmarking the item.

Comments access


Allow users to access the comments page from each content view.

Direct link to share on social media

Add direct sharing links to social media in each content page.

Progressive page loading

Intuitive gestures allow the user to display extra content, on demand, when visiting a section. This allows for a faster display while improving the user experience.


GoodBarber CMS

The integrated CMS lets you create any type of content directly from the back office: Articles, Videos, Sounds, Photos, Forms, Events…

Managing the content status

For all content created, pick a status: Published, In stock, Draft, and manage publications easily.

Delayed publication

You have the option to delay the publication of content, by picking a future time and date.

Categorizing content

Create an unlimited number of categories to classify your content inside a section and choose between 5 display templates for categories. Easily manage the activation and deactivation of each category, and move items from one category to the other.

Content sorting

For each section or category choose the sorting criteria for your content: by writing date, alphabetical order or even based on the number of comments.

Centralized content management

Access a dedicated page to manage all the content created using the CMS. This dashboard is equipped with intelligent filters allowing you to easily find the content you’re looking for.

Highlighting content

Content which deserves highlighting within your app can be identified as such within the CMS, when you create it.

User profile

Content authorship can be assigned to a member of your team or to an external author.

Multi-block editing

You can structure the content of your articles into different types of blocks (text, photo, video, quotes,…) which will impact the layout and ensure maximum display compatibility on all screen sizes.

Rich Text Editor

Writing blocks include a rich text editor to allow you to easily edit the layout of your page and enhance your text.

Content geolocalization

Assign geographical coordinates to your content for a possible map display.

Customized date format display

Several date formats can be applied to time stamp your content. Pick the one which is most relevant to your audience.

Advanced meta-information customization

The meta-information associated with your content is important for increasing engagement. You have full flexibility when it comes to the display of this information within your app.

Advanced design customization

Design wise, all content produced through the CMS can be customized independently, regardless of the general settings applied throughout the app.

Customizable tab style

When organizing your content into categories, choose the design of the tabs filtering access to each category.

Colors, fonts, alignment, thumbnail design

The design of content produced through the CMS is customizable up to the very last detail.

External content

Adding external content

Connect external content sources thanks to our catalogue of over 30 external connectors: Youtube, Dailymotion, Wordpress, Blogger, Flickr, Google Calendar, Facebook Events, and much more.

Content caching

Your content is pre-processed, compressed and cached by GoodBarber in order to ensure the best loading time, display and stability for your users, without any server overload.

Image caching

Your images are resized, compressed and cached by GoodBarber in order to ensure balance between compatibility and performance for your users.

WordPress plugin

The GoodBarber Plugin for WordPress is an extension of the JSON API plugin, a plugin commonly used within the WordPress community. We have adapted it to safeguard communication between your app and your blog, as well as to allow further flexibility in terms of content synchronization.

Content synchronization

Content produced through an external source is synchronized with GoodBarber, to be displayed in full while adapting to mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Advanced content filters

The display of externally synchronized content with GoodBarber can be filtered based on specific criteria at the source, to be interpreted by the connectors.

Popularity ranking

The ranking of external synchronized content displayed with GoodBarber can be managed according to the popularity of the content at the source.

Content pagination

To guarantee optimal display of external content synched with GoodBarber, pagination occurs for a smarter management of pages.


Comments management

Manage your users comments through a dedicated interface. Check the author and content of the comment, the section it’s attached to, publication date, as well as status.

Moderating comments

Activate the feature to moderate comments before or after they are published. Choose their status at any time: Published, Saved as Draft, Pending.

Notification when a new comment is added

Each time a new comment is added the app administrator can be notified via email.

User authentication

By activating the authentication feature in your app, when posting a comment, users are automatically identified by their profile if they are logged in.

Source comments

When comment management is handled through your site, such as WordPress, your app is connected in real-time in order to retrieve comments to be displayed. Comments are directly posted onto your site.

Disqus comments

If you use Disqus to manage comments on your site, you can easily activate the Disqus module and integrate it within your native app as well as your web app. It all synchs in real-time.

Images management

Drag and drop upload

Integrate images into your content easily with the drag and drop feature.

Adaptative compressing

Images are resized to several ratios, compressed and cached to reach the best weight, performance and display quality combination. Loading times are optimized without jeopardizing display quality.

Progressive loading

Only the images which should be displayed immediately to the user are shown—top of the page images first, then the rest. This ensures a faster, higher performing web app and native app for your users..

Included CDN

All the images hosted by GoodBarber are hosted on a global CDN, with 18 location points throughout the world. Your content is hosted closest to your users, with no additional costs.

Images SEO

Your images are assigned HTML tags to facilitate their indexation by search engines.


9 articles list templates

9 display templates are available for article lists. Classic list, Highlighted article, Thumbnails, your choice, based on your type of content.

4 article details templates

Choose between 4 templates for the display of article detail pages.

Filters display

Add filters easily to categorize the content in your articles' sections. Select the design of your categories from 5 templates: expendable, dropdown, pager, circle band or overlay.

Optimized for all screen sizes

Regardless of the screen size—mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop—GoodBarber maintains the optimal display of your articles.


Background audio playback

Your native apps support audio playback mode, including when the app isn’t in the foreground. This allows users to keep listening to your podcasts while using other apps, for instance.

Customizable audio player

The audio player within your app is customizable to your liking to guarantee the most immersive experience for your users.

Graphical equalizer

Pages playing the podcasts integrate a graphical animation in synch with the broadcast sound.

Audio player on all pages (web version)

The audio player is available on all pages of your progressive web app.

Customizable podcast player

The player to listen to podcasts displayed within the app is fully customizable.

Upload and hosting of podcasts

You can upload your podcasts directly to GoodBarber, it is not necessary to use an external platform. They will be hosted and delivered directly to your users.

Buy a podcast

You can display a commercial link for each of your podcasts to direct the user towards an in-store purchase.

Podcasts illustrations

An illustration can be assigned to each episode of your podcast.

3 detail view templates

The detail view of each podcast episode can be customized once you’ve selected one of the 3 templates designed by our team of experts.


Customizable audio player

The player to listen to live audio within the app is fully customizable.

Background audio playback

Your native apps support audio playback mode, including when the app isn’t in the forefront. This allows users to keep listening to your live audio sessions while using other apps.

OS controls

While live audio is broadcasting, your app communicates with the operating system so that your users can make use of the integrated controls of the system to manage playback.

Customizable design

The page from which the Live section plays is fully customizable.

On air / off air management

Access to the Live player is deactivated according to the schedule which you’ve defined for non-broadcast hours. The page allowing access to the player is customizable in order to inform users of the upcoming live broadcast.

Live +

Customizable Live player

The player to listen to live audio within the app is fully customizable.

Meta-information for the listening program

Meta-information related to the streamed file is displayed by the audio player: title, cover, artist,…

Graphical equalizer

The streaming pages of the live show integrate a graphical animation in synch with the broadcasted sound.

On air / off air management

Access to the Live player is deactivated according to the schedule which you’ve defined for non live broadcast hours. The page allowing access to the player is customizable in order to inform users of the upcoming live broadcast.

Sleep Mode

Your listeners can set a timer to automatically shut off their streaming.


Encryption and hosting

You can directly upload videos to GoodBarber, it is not necessary to use a third party service. They will be automatically encrypted in several formats to ensure optimal support across platforms.

Video player

GoodBarber integrates a customizable video player, supported on the web as well as on mobile. Everything is included.

External player

When you embed a video hosted on a third-party platform inside your app, the video player of the said platform is used. Everything is thoughtfully designed to ensure a smooth experience for your users.

8 list display templates

Pick a list display template for your videos among 8 customizable templates: list mode, highlighted content, fullscreen and much more.

4 video detail display templates

4 templates are available for the detail pages of your videos: vertical or horizontal toolbar, title position, customize your template.

4 display templates for categories

Create categories to filter your video content and choose between 3 display templates for categories: Dropdown, Pager or Circle Band

Adaptive pages

The video pages within your app are designed to make the absolute most of the space available, depending on the platform. They automatically adapt based on whether your user is on mobile, tablet, laptop or a larger screen.

Live video

Customizable design

Customize the background color, the content zone fonts, the main color of the player, as well as the image and text displayed when no live show is available.

On air / off air management

The Live player access is deactivated according to the schedule which you’ve defined for non broadcast hours. The page allowing access to the player is customizable in order to inform users of the upcoming broadcast.


5 display templates

Choose between 5 display templates for your photo galleries. Each template has been designed to best showcase your images.


Pictures can be viewed in slideshow mode, in full screen.

Saving pictures

It is possible to the user to save pictures in the device's library.


Event management

Create your events directly from the back office and share the event details with your users.

Time zones

The date and time of your events is displayed according to the time zone of the user accessing the content of the calendar section.


Thanks to event geolocalization, your users can create itineraries using external Map services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Organizing events by date

The design of the Calendar section is designed to display several events on the same day.

Dates display format

Select the display format of dates used for your events, in order to feature the one which is most relevant to your users.

3 templates for detail pages

Customize the detail page of your events with 3 customizable templates.

Adding an event to the phone’s calendar

Let users add events to the Calendar app on their smartphone through the button featured in the toolbar.


Display modes

The map section allows for the creation of geolocalized points of interest, which can then be displayed in list or map view.

Points of interest description

Add any type of content to describe your points of interest: text, photo, video or even embed code.

Itineraries function

Thanks to the geolocalization of your points of interest, users can create itineraries towards your points of interest with external Map services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.


3 templates d'affichage

Choose between 3 display templates for your About section.

Multi-blocks and RTE

You can structure the content of your page with different types of blocks (text, photo, video, quotes…) with an advanced and efficient rich text editor, to easily achieve your display and enhance your text.


2 display templates

Choose between 2 display templates for your Contact section.

8 pre-defined link types

Add links to allow users to easily contact you: through social media, email, phone call or text, add a link to the Store, an internal or external link.

Text customization

Customize the title of each link on your Contact page.



The Favorites section regroups all of the content (regardless of what type) bookmarked by your users in the same place. Pictures, videos, sound or text, they all fall within the same section for a user friendly experience.

Deleting favorites

The list of bookmarked content can easily be modified thanks to the option to delete items.


16 field types

Build your form by choosing from 16 different types of fields: free text, checkboxes, multiple choice, dropdown menu, date, phone number, file and much more.

Multi-blocks and RTE

You can structure the description of your form with different types of blocks (text, photo, video, quotes,…) with an advanced and efficient rich text editor, to easily achieve your display and enhance your text.

Customizing the response process

Customize the confirmation message, error message, send button text and completion message.

Responses management

Check form responses directly from the back office, export them in .csv format along with attached files.

A notification upon each response

Choose the recipient or recipients of the notification email upon each response submitted for the form.


3 list templates

Choose between 3 templates to display your list of tweets. Each has its own look and feel so that you can find the one most relevant to your project.

Profile display

The information associated with the Twitter account profile you synch with the section is retrieved and displayed.


3 display templates

Choose between 3 display templates for the login page.

Twitter sign in


Allow logging into your app through Twitter.

Integrated userbase

Your app integrates an authentication feature to allow users to sign in and log in directly, without the need to rely on a third party service.

2 step sign in process

Collecting the user information required for the sign up is a 2 step process, in order to differentiate login information from contextual information requests.

Possibility to access without authentication

It is possible to make authentication optional to access the app.

Possibility to sign up

It is possible to allow the user to create an account to access the app or parts of the app.

Terms of use

Define the terms of use with which users must comply upon registering for your app.

Sign up / Login with Facebook

Allow registration and login to your app through Facebook.

Sign up / Login with Twitter

Allow registration and login to your app through Twitter.

Customizable user profile

You can customize the fields to display in the user profiles, as well as the way they are displayed within the app.

Customizable fields

Build the user profile of the members of your app with customizable fields.

Mandatory or optional fields

Decide which fields are mandatory or optional within the registration process.

Public, private or invisible information

For each field of the profile, define which are visible for all other app users (public), only visible for the user himself (private) and only visible for the app owner (invisible).

User Groups

Assigning users to groups

Manage your users by creating user groups.

Managing access rights per group

Decide which restrictions apply for each user group. Define which parts of your app are available or have restricted access.

App access rights

Decide whether you want to restrict complete access to your app for certain user groups.

Access rights for each section

Define for each group which sections of your app are available or restricted.

Customizing the restricted access page

Customize the design and content of the page displayed in the case of restricted access.


Editing user information

Your users have the option to edit their profile information from the app.

Accessing the history of received notifications

From their profile, users can access a history of all push notifications received.

Managing subscription to the automatic push

Let your users decide which scheduled push notification campaigns they wish to subscribe to.

Access links to other features

From their profile, users can access other features, such as the loyalty card.


Submission section

The Submission section lets users submit text, photo or video content to the app owner, through the app

Several types of content

Users can send different types of content—text, photo or video.

Owner notification

Each time new content is submitted by a user, the owner receives an email notification, with a copy of the content received.


3 conversation list templates

Choose your display template between 3 different styles: square profile picture, rounded or pictureless.

Available features from the conversation list

With one simple gesture on a list element, features are displayed to mark the conversation as read, delete it or report it as offensive.

3 conversation templates

Choose your display template between 3 different styles: square or rounded with a profile picture, or pictureless.

Notification upon receiving a message

When receiving a message the user gets a notification in real time.

Report a conversation

The user has the option to report a conversation as offensive at any time.

Users list

2 display templates

Choose your display template for the list of users, in list or map view.

Sorting users

The list of users can display users based on 3 criterias: all, most recent logins or most nearby users.

Map display

The list of users can be displayed in map view according to their geographic location.

User profile

Each user has a public user profile visible to the other users of the app. The user can decide whether to display a public profile or not.

Users management

Dedicated interface

The GoodBarber back office includes an interface dedicated to the management of app users. It gives access to the list of users, their location, the group they are attached to, their latest login date as well as social data.

User panel

For each user, you have access to a detailed panel with all the information related to their profile which you can edit at any time.

Advanced search and sorting

The interface supports search by name, as well as advanced sorting options : by group, latest date of login as well as sign up dates.

Adding users

You can add users simply by creating their profile manually.

Import/Export of users

GoodBarber allows the import and export of the user list in .csv format.

Loyalty card

Collecting points

GoodBarber offers a loyalty card feature through which users can collect points—it’s entirely customizable from the back office.

Customizing the card

The number of points per card can be customized along with the value associated with each point, used to calculate your return on investment.

3 card templates

Choose between 3 display templates for the loyalty card: round, square or counter.

Customizable design

Styles, colors, fonts, icons, customize every last detail of your loyalty card.

3 validation processes

Define the validation process for the points collected through the loyalty card: QR code scan, manual check-in within a defined geographical area or link sharing.

Promotional material

For the QR code scan validation process, a printable sheet is available so that you can share the QR code with customers. The URL of the QR code is also available in your back office.

Managing gifts once the card is completed

Define the gift users will receive upon completing their loyalty card: title, description, content of the gift, expiration date of the offer, advanced design options.

Rewards history

The user can access a history of redeemed rewards, with the date they were used, directly within the loyalty card section or from their user profile.

List of available rewards

Choose between 2 display templates for the list of available rewards: list view or full screen mode.

Customizing the rewards design

Styles, colors, fonts, icons, customize the visual look of rewards to the very last detail.

Customizing the design of confirmation screens

Customize the colors and fonts used within the action screens to redeem rewards: validation screen or error, QR code reading or usage confirmation.

Club card

Tied to the loyalty card

GoodBarber offers the possibility to set up 3 membership levels for your clients which they can access once they’ve earned a specific number of loyalty points—it’s up to you to define it.

Customizing the design

Customize the design of your club card: name, colors, background images, fonts…

Defining privileges

Define the lifetime privileges associated with each different membership status of your club card.


Automatic rewards

GoodBarber lets you set up automatic rewards for your clients: a Welcome Gift for new customers, Happy Hour, a reward based upon the location of the client, or a Welcome Back gesture to loyalize clients.

Manual rewards

You can also set up manual and spontaneous rewards to engage your clients. Define the title, description and content of the reward, as well as the settings of the related notification.

Customizing the design

Customize the design of your rewards by selecting a color or background image, icon, as well as the text colors and fonts.

Period of validity

Define the validity period for each of your rewards: none or on a precise date.

Detailed statistics

Check the performance of each of the rewards sent out through a statistics interface: filter per reward, visualize the amount of rewards offered, how many were opened or redeemed.

Loyalty program management

Global statistics

A dedicated interface, integrated within the GoodBarber back office, lets you analyze the results of your loyalty program and estimate profit.

Statistics per user

For each user, it is possible to know how many times the loyalty card has been completed and their membership status.

Profit estimation

Based on the value assigned to each point collected through your loyalty card, you can see an estimate of the amount of transactions conducted through your loyalty program.

Adjusting period settings

Adjust results per period: 7 or 30 days, current month, past month or even customize the time frame.

Statistics export in CSV

Export all the statistics data related to your loyalty program in .csv format in one single click.

Promotional tools for your loyalty program

The GoodBarber back office offers several promotional tools for your loyalty program. Facebook or Twitter sharing, email engagement as well as push notifications.

Customer management

Customer management

Access the list of your clients registered for your loyalty program from a dedicated interface. Sort them according to their membership status, logins or most recent point validations.

Detailed client profile

Access and edit your clients’ profiles. Photo, login, location, and description.

Manual card management

Manually manage the number of points and membership status of each of your clients.


Coupons management

Create and share your discount coupons. Manage them from your back office, easily edit their status, active or inactive.

2 validation processes

GoodBarber offers two different validation processes for your coupons: redeem them through the app or use a promo code.

Advanced terms of use

Define the terms of use for your discount coupons: period of validity, number of times they can be used, and per client.

Coupons categorization

Create categories for your discount coupons and choose between 3 display templates for the categories.

Advanced design customization

Customize your coupons by choosing an image, background color, as well as customizing the text font and color.

Coupons geolocalization

For each coupon you have the option to add a location, a useful feature in the case of several establishments.

Coupons usage statistics

Analyze the performance of your coupons through a statistics tool detailing the number of redeemed coupons, in calendar view, as well as according to your list of clients and who redeemed them.

2 coupons list templates

Customize the design of your coupons list and choose between two templates.

Managing the info to display in the coupons list

Select which information will appear in the coupons list, such as the date of validity.

Advanced coupon page design

Your users have the option to save coupons for a later use.

Saving a coupon feature

Your users have the option to save coupons for a later use.

A history of redeemed coupons

Your users can access a history of all the coupons they’ve redeemed.

A list of saved coupons

Your users have access to a list of available coupons which they’ve previously saved.

Customizing the design of the confirmation screens

Customize the design of the confirmation screen upon using a coupon by editing the text and colors used.

Push Notifications

Target users according to their behavior


Target the users who will receive push notifications according to: the number of times they’ve opened the app in the last 30 days, their app version, or for instance, only target the users who’ve never received a push notification before.

Target users according to their device


Target the users who will receive push notifications according to the device they use.

Geographical targeting


Target the users who will receive push notifications according to their geographical position.

Nominative targeting


Target your customers and prospects by name or in batches and create communication strategy even more personalized.

Send notifications in the browsers


Send push notifications that your users will receive directly in their web browser, on mobile, tablet and desktop. Push web notifications are compatible with Chrome Desktop & Android, Firefox Desktop & Android, and Opera Desktop & Android.

Choosing the notification sound and the badge

iOS Classic

Customize notifications by choosing the sound associated with them and by choosing to turn on or off the badge display on iOS.

Push notifications statistics

Analyze the performance of your notifications by using statistics on their open rate and click-through rate.

Anti-flood security

A server safety system prevents mistakes, such as repeated deliveries or unintentional delivery of a large number of push notifications over a very short period of time.

Dispatch time restriction

For scheduled push notifications you can select the hours within with users will receive notifications: at any time, during defined time windows or during a specific time slot.

Sending manual notifications to users

You can send notifications manually to your users for one time communication with your audience.

Choosing the action upon opening the notification

Define the action which will be triggered upon users opening the push notification: opening the app, being directed towards the Home or a specific section, or an external link.

Scheduling future dispatches

Precisely schedule the dispatch of manual push notifications by selecting the date and time of dispatch. Activate the local time option to remain relevant to international users.

Real-time notification preview

Your GoodBarber back office lets you preview how your notification will be displayed on your users’ devices in real time.

Real-time calculation of the number of recipients

Visualize the number of recipients for your push notification based on the targeting rules you’ve applied in real time.

Complete history of sent notifications

Check the full history of push notifications sent with the title, description, sender, date of dispatch and notification status.

Scheduling a dispatch upon the publication of content

Create dispatch rules for scheduled push notifications related to the publication of new content for any section within your app.

Adding a prefix to the notification

Add a prefix to your scheduled push notifications.

Transactional push notifications


Customize push notifications sent to your customers at different stages of the order process: order confirmation, order processing, order cancellation.

SMS Notifications
Classic PWA

Send SMS

Send your users notifications directly on their mobile devices via SMS.

Text personalization

See the number of recipients and create 140 character messages from your backend, so a single SMS is sent to each recipient. 


Easily view the history of messages sent to your users, from your GoodBarber backend. 

Increased reach

SMS notifications work on all mobile models, in 221 countries. 

Geo alerts
Classic Native


Define geographical areas which will be used to trigger the display of notifications.


Display notifications when a user enters or exits a geofence zone.


Manage a fleet of iBeacons to trigger the display of notifications.

Customizable beacon layout

The GoodBarber back office lets you specify the beacon layout of your choice for your fleet of beacons.

Triggering distance

Determine the distance within which beacons will trigger the display of notifications.

Statistics & Dashboard


Analyze the number of launches, unique sessions and page views.

Period filtering

Analyze the statistics within a customized time frame.

Platform filtering


Analyze the statistics per platform.

Unlimited history

There is no time limitation to the safekeeping of the statistics of your app.



Analyze your number of app downloads, on a daily or weekly basis, or from the first publication date in the stores.

Session time

Analyze the amount of time your users spend in your app.

OS versions and device models

Classic Native

Analyze the operating system versions and device models used to visit your app.



Analyze where your users come from: country, town, language.


Export your app statistics in .csv format for additional analysis with another tool.

Total sales


Instantly view the sales generated by your store. You have a direct view of sales on all sales channels. And a comparison with the previous period.

Publication status of my app

Check the publication status of your app at a glance. This will help you to know what actions to take.

Number of sales


Track the number of sales over the period. And compare immediately the progress against the previous period.

Conversation rate


Adjust your marketing and store settings based on your conversion rate. The conversion rate measures sales that have been made vs. sales that have not been completed. This rate is compared to the previous period to measure your progress.

Other sales statistics


Get several key indicators about your shop: conversion funnel, addition to the cart, checkout process, sales completion. These indicators are presented in relation to the previous period to mesure the performance of your shop.

Top sellers


Keep an eye on your store's best sellers. This will allow you to monitor the status of stocks. And any marketing actions to be carried out.

Sales by device


Identify the types of devices your customers use to make their purchases. A valuable information to eventually add a new sales channel liked by your customers.

External statistics

Google Analytics


You may use Google Analytics to get additional statistics regarding the usage of your app.

Firebase analytics SDK


An advanced integration of Firebase Analytics that gives you access to precise information regarding the use of your app.

Flurry Analytics


You may use Flurry Analytics to get additional statistics regarding the use of your app.


You may use to get additional statistics regarding the use of your app.


Internal ad server

Use the GoodBarber ad server to circulate advertisements within your app.

Campaigns management

Create and manage advertising campaigns to display interstitials or banners within your app.

Display rules

For each campaign, determine the display constraints for the ads: the number of impressions, number of clicks, time period.

Adaptative formats

The format of the ads is adapted to the screen size of the device on which it is displayed to ensure optimal display.

Interstitial advertisements

Display interstitial advertisements when opening the app or while viewing the content.


Display advertisements in banner format throughout all the pages of your app.

Display turnover

The display turnover of advertisements within a campaign is managed automatically.


Analyze the performance of your campaigns through detailed statistics.

External ad networks

Ad networks


8 ad networks can be enabled for your app: adMob, MobPartner, Swelen, DFP, smaato, MobFox, AdTech, Facebook.

Ad networks


2 ad networks can be enabled for your app: AdSense and DFP.

Effortless management

You just have to set a few parameters to start monetizing your app.

Integrated SDK


The external ad networks SDK are already integrated. They are regularly updated.

Platform specific settings

Each platform is different from the next, it is therefore possible to fill out the advertising tags associated with each platform.

Prioritizing campaigns

If several campaigns are set up you may determine a priority order in order to maximize advertising space usage within your app.

Platform prioritization

The campaigns display priority rules that can be defined according to each platform (iOS, Android, web).

My GoodBarber
Classic Android

Testing your native app in real-time

The My GoodBarber app lets you test the native version of your project in real-time, before it is published to the stores.

Sending push notifications

You can send push notifications to your users anytime, directly from the My GoodBarber app.

Contacting the support

The My GoodBarber app lets you contact our technical support team.

Accessing usage statistics

Keep an eye on your performance with the My GoodBarber app, with direct access to the usage statistics of your app.

Multi-account management

The My GoodBarber app lets you easily manage several user accounts.

The build

Building guide

GoodBarber offers access to a step by step guide to assist you in successfully going through the submission process of your app to the Play Store and the App Store.

GoodBarber Takes Care

The "GoodBarber Takes Care" service is an option which you can sign up for if you wish to hand over the building of your iOS and / or Android app to GoodBarber, as well as the future submission to the App Store and / or Play Store.

Step by step guide for the publication to the stores

If you wish to manage the publication of your app to the stores yourself, a step by step guide is available, in order to guide you through every step of the publication to the App Store and the Play Store.

GoodBarber Review


All iOS apps intended to be distributed in the App Store will be subject to a mandatory review carried out by GoodBarber. It will cost $29 if the app is successfully published on the App Store. The review includes a thorough check by GoodBarber. If necessary, the team will provide a list of recommendations in order to maximize your app's chances of publication in the App Store. The team will then generate the app and send it to Apple.

Automatic screenshot generation

Your GoodBarber back office is equipped with a tool to automatically generate the screenshots required to publish your app to the stores.

Automated build


When you proceed with the building of your app, you send a request to one of our building servers which are 100% automated. You can quickly retrieve the executable file without having to wait for any human intervention and you can carry on with the publication process of your app.


A history of published versions gives you an overview of the major updates performed on your app.

Retro compatibility

When you update your app settings, modifications are applied to previously published versions, as long as they are compatible.

Renewing certificates

A simplified process to renew your building certificates is triggered when your certificates expire.

Universal download URL

A unique smart URL directs your user towards the right version of your app to download based on the device they use.

UDID for adhoc version


You may declare the UDID of the phones which will be authorized to download the iOS adhoc version of your app for testing purposes before it is published in the App Store.


Index and No-Index

If your content or your website is not intended to be public you can choose to deactivate the indexation of your web app by search engines.

META tags

You may customize the META tags of your website to improve its indexation by search engines.

HEAD tag

You may customize the content of the HEAD tag to include specific meta data.



If you are a developer, you may create one or several modules specifically designed for your app. Simply develop your plugin like a mini HTML/JS/CSS app and it will be embedded directly inside your app to function effectively, even without a network connection.

Client side

The bundle of files which you’ve created for your plugin is executed directly on the client's side, for optimal reactivity. No loading time, no network connection dependency on the user’s side.

JavaScript API

GoodBarber grants you access to a JavaScript API to interact directly with the heart of the app. Your plugin can interface with the user connection, use the integrated caching mechanisms, or even access the device’s capabilities such as the GPS or camera.

Static HTML

Even if you can create advanced features with plugins, you can also decide to embed a simple HTML page, for instance to achieve a customized layout for a navigation page. This HTML code is cached within the app and serviceable without network connection.

Distant URLs

You may call up a page directly within your app, as you would with an iframe on your website.

Settings file

GoodBarber grants you access to the JSON file of your app settings. From there, you can identify all the options to customize your app.


Each available setting is documented, along with the list of compatible values, the setting’s description and how it operates within the app.

Advanced options

The GoodBarber back office is already very complete, but with this settings file you will find all of the structural and graphical settings of your app, including some of the most advanced.



Take advantage of the full power of GoodBarber applications to create your online shop. It is the new generation of eCommerce totally dedicated to mobile. The eCommerce features automatically offer all the power of large platforms.

Universal access

With native apps (iOS  and/or Android) and PWA versions, eCommerce apps target all clients and leads. Native apps offer the best technology has to offer to your loyal clients. PWA and their adaptable format allow you to be  present on all screen types (smartphones, tablets, desktop).


Native apps are indexed on the Apple and Google Stores (App Store, PlayStore).
PWA are accessible by URLs and like classic websites can be indexed. 
You benefit from an exceptional presence on all sales channels.

Easy payments

Payments have never been so easy for your clients: one-click payments, Digital Wallets (Apple Pay), saved cards. Payment is now a simple task. Our partners Stripe and Paypal warranty the best technology at a reduced cost. 

Catalog eCommerce

Your catalog can contain 10 products or hundreds. Everything can be managed in one click: variants (Size, colors, fabrics...), automatically updated stocks, images and descriptions, price (selling price, sales price), SKU. Collections offers you an intuitive way to group and showcase your products. 

Marketing tools

Engage your clients directly from your app back office with ready to use marketing tools: push notifications, email template, discounts and promotion tools. 

Back office

Available in 5 languages

The GoodBarber back office is available in 5 languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. All these translations are carried out by employees in their native language. 

Subscription management

Easily change your subscription from monthly to yearly, or upgrade.

Files management

Take advantage of file storage and organise them in folders. These elements will then be accessible from a dedicated URL.


How to simplify complex tax management? We've done it for you by collaborating with a specialist maintaining an updated official rate list. For each shipping zone / country, you can now automatically manage your taxes. You also have the option to manually manage the rates applied in your shop. 

Shop information

Set all your shop information in one go. 
First all the contact details: address, email, phone, et of course the name of your shop. Then the metric standards  weight and currency). Continue with your social media : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Finally, add the legal informations that will appear at the bottom of your invoices. Et voila! You're all set. 

Custom URL

​Link your domain name to your back office if you don't want to access it from

Get Started screen

​When you first connect to your back office, a Get Started will review all the main features of the back office to help you get settled.


GoodBarber back office offers a wizard that will help you along the way to create your app. 

Public APIs

You can connect your shopping app to third-party services to help you automate and streamline your operational process. A detailed documentation is available to guide developers through the settings.

Product catalog

Products description

Benefit from a ready-made matrix to manage your product pages. The architecture is already in place while you still have the flexibility to customise it.

Professional illustrations

Enhance your products will great photos. The automatic format management will help you.  You can select the focal point on each image to ideally catch the attention of your clients. 

Tailored collections

Easily group your products in coherent collections. The internal engine uses the tags and characteristics of your products to dynamically manage your collections. You can also create them manually. And associate them with specific sales channels. 

Delayed publication

Take the time needed to enrich your catalog: each product can be automatically published at a chosen date. You can now peacefully prepare your marketing events. 

Product identification

Each product in your catalog and its variant is identified by a unique reference. You can precisely manage your stock and orders. 
You can also add a weight per product and variant to help you better manage your shipping rates. 

Product management

Focal point

Center the illustration image of your products exactly where you want them. A simple drag and drop of the marker and your image is well centered. The operation is carried out directly on the product page in a very simple way.

Product Thumbnail

Your products thumbnails are automatically created from your default image. You can easily modify it by selecting another image and setting it as your thumbnail source. 


Quickly create the variations of each of your products. Size, colours, materials or any other variation. Each variant has its own characteristics (images, reference, stock, price). It is possible to create 100 variations per product.

Selling price / Compare at price

Each variant has a selling price. It is the selling price displayed in your shop. You can also set a compare at price that will serve as reference price. 

Stock management

Manage your stock from your admin interface. For each product and its variant, set a starting stock. After each sale, the stock will be updated minus the quantity sold.
You also have the option to set an unlimited stock. 

Add product in a collection

Each product can be added to collections. Collections are a group of product that can be presented in your online shop. 


Tags are keywords describing your products. You can use tags to create automatic collections (ex: Tag "Men" to create a "Men" collection)

Similar products

At the bottom of each product, you can display similar products to suggest additional shopping ideas or alternative options to the product.


By using a PWA, all your products are indexed on the search engines. Each product has a title tag and meta-description tag. You can also customize the products slug. 


Need to add a user manual or documents to some products? You can add a PDF per product page

Product list

Change of status

From the list of products in your interface you can change the status of a product. A product can be "Not Listed" (invisible to customers), "Delayed" (this allows it to be published automatically on a specific date), "Draft" (not yet publishable), "Published" (visible on the shop). The status can be changed individually or for a group of products.

Remove a product

Products can be added or removed. Individually or by groups. 

General information

The product list gathers all the products from your catalog, published or not published. For each product, the list shows the amount of variants available, stock quantity and corresponding collections. 
You can search products in your catalog. 

List of collections

Attributes of a collection

Visualize the attributes that characterize each of the collections.

Changes of status

Change the visibility of a collection on your shop by changing its status. You can make this change individually or in batches.


Collections can be added or removed. Individually or by batches.

Add/ edit collections

Identification of collections

Each collection is identified by a name and an image. 

Classification of products

In a collection you can choose how to classify products. These can be sorted by price, name and date of addition to the catalogue. You can also classify products manually within a collection.


When you use a PWA, each collection can be referenced by search engines. To optimize referencing, you have customizable fields for the title of your collection and its description.


Collections have two modes of publication  Listed and Not listed. You can prepare your collections in advance and publish them on the shop once they are finished.

Sales channels



Benefit from a native eCommerce app on the Apple App Store. Target a population of iPhone-owners with the best of iOS technology.



Benefit from a native app on Google's Play Store. Target the world's largest population of app users with Android smartphone owners.



Be visible everywhere with your PWA: simply enter a URL on a browser. PWAs offer the advantage of being referenced by Google like any other website and are visible on all devices. They are an excellent complement to your native apps and are integrated into all our offers.

Google Shopping (coming soon)

Expand your horizons with the Google Shopping add-on. It opens the doors of online advertising to reach new clients and offer all or part of your catalog.

Checkout process

Auto Login

Your clients are automatically authenticated after the first connection. They are recognized as soon as the application is launched. A powerful argument for faster purchase on your shop.

Permanent Cart

With the auto-login, the cart becomes permanent: your clients can add products to the cart, leave the app and come back to continue their order later on. They will also find the same cart and will be able to finalise their order like on Amazon. 

Checkout mode

Decide the checkout process for your eCommerce. You can decide that an account is required to order or that checkout can be done as a guest.You have the possibility to test, compare and modify your settings at any time. 

Client account

Order summary

Your client can access their order history and status in one click from the My Account section.

Multiple addresses

Your customer can register several addresses in their account which they can then use as a shipping and/or billing address when placing an order.

Credit card registration

Your clients can register several payment cards in their accounts. They can be used for one-click payment.

Order processing

Search feature

Search for an order in no time. You can search by name, address, client email or order number.

View orders by status

View all your orders according to their status. 3 states are available: "Pending" for orders waiting to be processed, "Processed" for orders that have been shipped, "Cancelled" for cancelled orders.

Acquisition channels

For each order, you see which acquisition channel allowed you to finalize the order. Important information to choose or focus your marketing strategy.

Change the status of several orders

Change the status of several of your orders at the same time. Simply select the orders, and choose their new status. Saving time, for example, when updating shipping.

Order details

Changing the status of an order

Changing the status of an order is done in one click. Click on the button of the current status of the order. The other possible statuses appear. Choose the new status and it's done. Changing an order status generates an automatic email to your client. The latter is thus informed at any time of the progress of their order.

Resend order status email

When an order changes status, an automatic email is sent to the customer. If they tell you that they have not received it, simply look at the event history of the order. An action button allows you to resend the notification without re-entering it.

Note on the order

Some orders may have special instructions. The notes area in your management interface is dedicated to this purpose. Add any instructions and/or preparation notes. They are only visible to your teams and not visible to the client.

Order tracking

For each order, an insert is dedicated for the entry of the url of the tracking of the shipped package. This link will be shared with your client and will allow them to track their order.

Printing an order

An order form is generated for each order finalized by a client. It is available in the details of each order. It can be printed for the person preparing the order.

Printing an invoice

An invoice is generated each time an order is finalized. This invoice is available in the details of each order. It can be printed to be added to the order shipping documents.

Change shipping address

You can change the shipping address of an order. This is particularly useful if the client reports an input error after ordering or if you notice an error yourself.

Payment providers

Digital Wallets : Apple Pay & Google Pay (soon)

Simplify your clients' purchases to the extreme with the integration of Digital Wallets. These native solutions directly transmit your client's address to your app and validate the payment without any need for re-entering. Perfect to save time, extremely easy to process...and a much better conversion rate.

One-click payment

 Payment Request API is a solution that uses a credit card registered in an Internet browser. 


Your app is natively configured to connect with the Stripe payment gateway. All you have to do is open an account with them (5mn) and your shop is ready to record its first sales.
GoodBarber does not charge any fees on transactions. Stripe is also one of the cheapest gateways on the market.


The Paypal payment solution is appreciated by clients for its security and reliability.
Natively present, you just need to create an account with Paypal to start and collect your first payments.

Offline Payment

You can have an online presence even without offering online payment or set up accounts with payment gateways. With offline payment, you choose the method of payment that suits you best: COD, check, bank transfer, etc. Additional benefit: a lot of people still prefer to use cash for their daily transactions or are not willing to give the card info online. By offering an offline mode, you will reach a wider audience and boost your sales.

Clients list

Clients display

View a list of all your clients who have ordered. As well as key informations: total purchase amount, date of last order, acquisition channel and their details. 

Leads display (user who has never ordered)

As for clients, view the list of all your leads, i.e. users who have registered on your site without having ordered. This info can allow you to start marketing campaigns.

Client acquisition channel

For each client and each order, view the acquisition channel used. This gives you information about the channels that work best and what type of efforts are needed to develop them.

Targeted push or by group

From the list of clients and leads, schedule your push notifications. You can make either send targeted push or by group.

Client details

Edit contact details

Edit your clients' details (address, phone) directly in your management interface.

Note on clients

Add a note on your client, directly in their page. This note will only be visible by your team.

Display clients statistics

Consult for each client their key statistics (order history, number of orders, amount of purchases, average cart..).


Shipping zones

You choose the geographical areas you want to cover. For each zone you can create the appropriate carriers. Ship locally, only in some countries or worldwide: everything is planned and easily set up in a few clicks.

Tailored rates

For each shipping zone, you set up the carriers and the shipping times. This provides a true added value that the customer can choose to activate when ordering.
Find the best economic balance by choosing the invoicing method according to your eCommerce: the weight or the amount of the order.

Free shipping

Free shipping is very popular with clients and a great trigger for purchases. However, they are expensive for e-merchants. Via the interface, set the conditions (maximum weight, minimum cart value, chosen carrier) that will limit their costs while satisfying your clients.

Time slots

Set up your shop’s hours of operations: opening hours, pickup times, delivery times, and exceptional closures. You can even set the number of time slots available per day and the minimum time between an order and the first time slot available, allowing you enough time for prep. When your clients select the local delivery or in-store pick-up methods, they will be able to choose among the time slots available.

Local delivery

Set up your delivery zones by zipcodes and offer a fast, local delivery option to your nearest clients. We will automatically verify that your client's zip code matches your delivery zone. Your clients place their order from your app and within a few hours, your products are on their doorsteps.

In-store pick-up

As easy as from app to Store. Lower your packaging and shipping cost, while helping your clients save time and money by picking up their order at your shop. With this option, you have one more chance to provide an exceptional customer experience, drive foot traffic to your physical location and benefit from an additional opportunity to increase sales with strategically placed products and impulse buy.



Offer discounts to your client. Create them directly from the back office by choosing an amount or percentage, their scope, their validity date and their usage limit

Generate discount codes

Choose your own discount codes or generate them directly with the tool integrated in the back office.

Discount list

See at a glance the list of rdiscounts you have created regardless of their status: past, current or future. The list also includes the number of discounts used, useful to calculate the conversion rate of your campaign.

Push notifications

Send notifications to your clients manually to communicate with your clients and leads on an ad hoc basis.

Sending push notifications by name

Target your clients and leads by name or in batch and create an ever more personalized communication strategy.


White label

Apps and their related back offices are in white label.

Reseller dashboard

Resellers have access to a unified interface to manage all of the apps tied to their reseller account.

Centralized information

Visualize the status for each of the apps within your reseller account at a glance, whether they are built or published.

Advanced search and filters

Use the search engine and display filters to quickly identify specific apps within your reseller account.

Unlimited apps

Link an unlimited number of native Android & iOS, and Progressive Web Apps to your reseller account.

Adding projects

Create new apps directly from your reseller dashboard. They will be automatically attached to your reseller account.

Linking existing projects

Attach previously created projects to your reseller account. Once attached they will automatically inherit all of the features included along with a reseller subscription.

Unified billing

Billing for the reseller account is unified, with one invoice including your subscription as well as the options you’ve purchased for specific apps within your reseller account.

Domain installation

Set up a domain name to customize the default URL of the back offices of the apps attached to your reseller account.

Team management

Grant access to the management interface of your reseller account to team members.


GoodBarber Help Center

GoodBarber offers access to a large knowledge database, with detailed online helps and step by step videos.

Developer documentation

Detailed documentation is available to guide developers through specific settings operations.

Technical Support

GoodBarber offers technical support via email in over 6 languages. All of the staff is located in our offices based in Corsica, Paris, Lisbon and New York.